Just over 40 kilometers from Montánchez lies Cáceres. Cáceres can be reached from Montánchez by bus (5 times a day). Cáceres is the capital of the province with the same name. The most beautiful part of the city is within the old city walls. This old and beautiful city centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. From the Plaza Mayor, a square full of terraces and restaurants, you walk down the steps towards the old centre. As soon as you pass under the imposing gate in the wall you understand why this centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Walking through its narrow alleys and small squares, you imagine yourself being back in time. You can visit the beautiful churches that you will come across as you wander around and enjoy spectacular views from various places in the historic centre. After all this you can sit at one of the many restaurants or bars in the city and enjoy a tapas or something else. Not surprisingly, Cáceres was proclaimed the gastronomic capital of Spain in 2015.