Extremadura is one of the 17 autonomous communities in Spain and is made up of 2 provinces, Cáceres and Badajoz. The region is located in the centre of Spain and borders on Portugal. It is known for its beautiful nature and its historical heritage. In terms of land area, Extremadura (41,634 km²) is roughly the same size as the Netherlands (41,543 km). It has just over a million inhabitants, that is, around 25 inhabitants per km². By comparison, the Netherlands had 411 inhabitants per km² in 2017.

When you come to Extremadura, you come to one of the most authentic parts of Spain. A mountainous and pristine area with beautiful landscapes, which are configured in steppes, meadows, mountain ranges. Steppes are vast sloping plains with sparse vegetation of herbs and grasses. The landscape of the meadows is different: in addition to pastures and herbs, there are also large areas populated with cork oaks and holm oaks, however, they are so far apart that they do not become a forest. There are also several mountain ranges, one of which is located in the extreme north and forms a border with the community of Castilla y León, it’s called the Sierra de Gredos, it’s peaks are more than 2500 meters. For lovers of bird watching, the Monfragüe National Park is one of the most important areas in Europe for its large number of birds of prey.

In summary; Extremadura has lots of beautiful things to see and to offer, it’s being discovered every day by more and more tourists.