1. Arrival.

Our access is secured by an electric gate. It is open from 9.30am to 9pm. If we are not present at the location, the gate is closed. You can then contact us by phone. Then you will receive a code to open the entrance gate. You will find the telephone number at the entrance gate.

If you wish to arrive outside of these times, this is of course also possible. please contact us in advance.

2. Electricity.

The electricity supply is at a fixed rate for a minimum of 1 night. You can connect yourself to our electricity supply. This is based on good faith. Installing separate electrical appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers and washing machines on the plots is prohibited. The maximum connection value per connection is 10 amps, 220 volts.

3. Water.

The use of water is included in the service. Washing vehicles is not allowed.

4. Service location.

The use of the service area is included in the price. The gray water can be discharged at the designated discharge point. You can empty the chemical toilet at the designated place. Here is also a cold water tap for cleaning the cassette. It is strictly forbidden to empty the chemical toilet and / or the waste water tank in places other than these. Here is also the tapping point for fresh water intake.

5. Pets.

The pet must be on a leash. The pet owner is responsible for removing the excrement. A maximum of 2 pets are allowed per plot. The pets must not be a nuisance to other visitors. The pet owner is liable for damage caused by their pet.

6. Liability.

Camperstop Alegría is not liable for theft or damage due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, power cuts, flooding, fire, etc. Guests must be in possession of insurance that covers all risks. We will recover damage caused by customers to our belongings and / or facilities from the customer. In case of a dispute, we will call in the police at all times. Camperstop Alegría is insured for damage for which it is responsible. Parents are responsible for their minor children at all times.

7. Security.

Fire. Open fires and barbecues on fire (coal / wood) are strictly prohibited. In case of fire, immediately notify the fire brigade on telephone number 112. If necessary, the fire extinguishers on the site can be used.

First aid. There is a first-aid kit at the information point. Here you will also find the various emergency numbers for the emergency services.

Theft. All guests are responsible for their belongings. Camperstop Alegía is not responsible for any theft inside or outside the camper place.

8. Waste.

The waste must be separated in the appropriate rubbish bins. For a better environment, one must cooperate in this.

9. Plot.

Additional tents are prohibited. An additional vehicle can be parked at a designated place for a fee and at the direction of Camperstop Alegría.

10. Violation of the rules.

When guests disturb the stay of other guests or violate these house rules, the manager can verbally or in writing summon these guests to stop causing this nuisance. In case of serious or repeated violation of the house rules, the owner can dissolve the lease, after first summoning the person (s) involved to stop causing nuisance. In case of criminal offenses, the owner of Camperstop Alegría can call the police.

11. Complaints policy.

Guests can only make any complaint (s) known during their stay. A formal complaint must be reported in writing or by e-mail, after which it is assessed by us. In case of a well-founded complaint, we will make a proposal for compensation for any damage in the event that it is our fault.

12. Payments.

All facilities must be paid in cash. Pin payments are currently not possible.

We wish you a pleasant stay at Camperstop Alegría.